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What Are the Best Age Spot Creams?

Hormonal changes and photodamage work together to cause age spots, which tend to get higher in number and darker in color, as the years pass. However, there are effective ways to treat this problem and get more even complexion. Check out the best types of age spot creams which you can use.

Vitamin C Creams with Exfoliating Ingredients

As one of the most potent and gentlest natural skin bleaching ingredient, vitamin C always produces good results. One of its major advantages over other ingredients is that it can also provide protection against photodamage. Vitamin C is often combined with an ingredient which helps to remove the heavily pigmented skin cells effectively to give you enhanced results. Most often the exfoliating agent used is salicylic acid. It is worth noting that age spot creams with vitamin C are usually formulated for use during the day. They also have a moisturizing effect.

Hydroquinone Creams

These age spot creams are among the most potent thanks to their active ingredient. Hydroquinone works to halt pigmentation by inhibiting an enzyme which is essential for melanin production. Even though it is used in low concentration, usually 4%, it is extremely potent. It is known for producing results very quickly compared to its counterparts. You can expect to see improvement within a month after you first start applying your hydroquinone cream. Because the active ingredient is very potent, there is a higher risk of side effects including redness and irritation. Still, in most cases, the skin can tolerate the treatment.

Retinoid Creams

These are among the best age spot creams for several reasons. Unlike the bleaching ingredients, retinoid stimulates the natural skin cell turnover. This means that over time, it will help to diminish age spots and possibly eliminate them completely. Retinoid also helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and to prevent the clogging of pores because of the way in which it works.

Given all their benefits, retinoid creams make well-rounded anti-aging skin care products. Still, there are some precautions which you need to take. You should apply this type of product only before going to bed to avoid increased photosensitivity. Additionally, you should wear sunscreen during the day to protect your skin and prevent uneven pigmentation in the future. Some people may experience irritation when applying a retinoid cream for the first couple of days, but then this would normally subside.

Kojic Acid Creams

Just like hydroquinone, kojic acid is a bleaching agent. It works to keep melanin production at bay and as a result the age spots become lighter. The creams with this active ingredient, however, are not as potent as those based on hydroquinone, meaning they take longer to produce results. At the same time, they are usually gentler on the skin. This is the reason why they are usually recommended as the best choice of treatment to people with sensitive and dry skin.
When it comes to choosing one of the age spot creams available in the market, always consider the main active ingredient in the first place, but don’t forget to evaluate its other properties too.