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Micro-Needling $300 per session $800 per 4 sessions

Traditionally, microneedling has been used as a treatment against scars and acne scars, in particular. However, in recent years, it is becoming highly popular as an anti-aging therapy. With the stimulation of collagen production, the depth of fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced considerably. The treatment is often used for targeting the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and on the upper lip. It also helps to make the face plumper and this naturally gives the patient a natural youthful look. One of the less common applications of the therapy is for treating stretch marks on various parts of the body from the abdomen and the chest to the legs.


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Why are so popular?

We are a group of certified professionals who have developed accurate techniques to care for and repair damaged skin. We specialize in scare and tattoo removal which is very rewarding because our clients are very satisfied with our technology and our aesthetics craft.


Our Machines

Our state of the are machines help us perfect the art of skin rejuvenation helping many people resolve their anxiety caused by skin issues which were never before treated.